Do you like to work with your hands? Do you like to be creative? Do you like to solve problems? Do you like to be outdoors and college just doesn’t seem to be the choice right now? A career as a Union Ironworker could be the right choice for you. Ironworkers build bridges, office towers, highways, hotels, stadiums and more.

· Ironwworkers create ornamental finishes.

· Ironworkers read blueprints.

· Ironworkers figure out the best way to tackle the job.

· Ironworkers work as part of a team.

 The International Ironworkers Union offers a multi-year apprenticeship program. Apprentices are paid and receive benefits while gaining experience through on-the-job training and in the classroom. Starting wages for ironworker apprentices are 70% of a journeyman’s wage, with 5% pay increases every 6 months.